Dark Matter

In Collaboration with Sandhelden


Dark matter

A high-resolution prototype pushing advances in sand printing for a generative sculptural series.

Dark Matter takes its name from the speculative formational simulations of dark matter structures that are constructed to describe swarms of galaxies to dust and plasma. It is a cosmological construct that articulates new conceptions of our understanding of the universe.

Working through this inspirational thought construct, Minimaforms conceptualized a strategy to explore Sandhelden's sand printing process and the complex structuring of time-based form through particle-based cellular growth structures. Cells stimulated to interconnect through forces and internal accumulative rules create an iterative process to construct a prototype of the most basic of human-designed objects, a chair.

Minimaforms┬┤ chair prototype is a moment in time that utilizes particle scaling and clustering to create a prototype that can iterate for structuring density and resolution based performance.

Dark Matter was exhibited at Formnext (fair for 3D printing) in Frankfurt (Germany) from November 19 to 22, 2019. There it was selected as a finalist for the purmundus challenge 2019.

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